Monday, October 31, 2011

Marvel History 172: Avengers # 8

Issue: Avengers # 8
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1964
Brief Summary:


Kang the conqueror shows up, doing what he does best, which is to attempt a conquering, and proceed to fail at it.  Of course, we've seen Kang before, way back when he was called Rama-Tut and tussled with the Fan Four.

Kang puts the whooping on the Avengers, but is then fooled by Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade (yes, they're still around).   I have to believe that Stan assumes that his readers see the Teen Brigade as somehow being analogous to them if they were in the Marvel Universe.  I guess that makes sense?  However, if I'm going to fantasize about living in the MU, I mine as well envision myself as Spider-Man or a Norse God of Thunder.  Probably not Rick Jones.  Just sayin'.  

Quick Thoughts:
  • The Avengers do not have a leader at this point in time; they're run as a democracy
  • Stan Lee also talks about Kang's time in the year 4,000.  It's not pretty.  

Favorite Panel:

Giant Man in the sniper position.

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