Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marvel History 174: Fantastic Four Annual # 2

Issue: Fantastic Four Annual # 2
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1964

Brief Summary:


Look, every badass super villain needs a proper henchman.  Someone to do the even-dirtier work, to handle the minutiae, to provide proper foreshadowing of the greater evil to come, and to get slapped silly when the evil plans ultimately don't turn out like your master intends.  Enter Boris, Doom's henchman.

But wait, Boris is more than a simple whipping boy.  In many ways, as Doom's caretaker in his early years, Boris plays a role similar to Alfred Pennyworth in his care taking of a young Bruce Wayne.  And, while Boris tries to play the role of good mentor, the results are less than astonishing, as Doom turns to the dark arts.  So, the question I'm asking myself is how much the role of the mentor plays in shaping these two men. I suppose it's the old nature vs. nurture argument.  

Also, this is the most time Stan has spent on the origin of any of his villains.  Guess he loves Dr. Doom as much as the rest of us. 

Quick Thoughts:
  • This annual has a rogue's gallery, and pinups, and all sortsa fun extras!
  • Doom's mask can only be removed by pushing a special button on his hand armor
  • Reed flashes a little misogyny by blaming Sue's emotions on her being a woman
  • Sue throws "invisible force pellets" at Doom
  • The team's first encounter with Doom is reprinted

Favorite Panel:  Dude, you have got to see Back to the Future

Favorite Quote:

"Go haunt a house or something" - Reed to Invisible Woman

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