Thursday, November 3, 2011

Marvel History 175: Journey into Mystery # 108

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 108
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1964
Brief Summary:


Sometimes Stan will inform the audience on the amount of time that passes over the length of certain panels, particularly for scenes that occur in a short interval.  He uses this here to showcase how Thor's quick reaction saves a young boy's life.

Anyways, the story this issue is Loki's a jackass, Thor puts the whooping on him, and Dr. Strange stops by for a few laughs.

The backup tale of Asgard is really short, and features Thor freeing a number of men of Asgard from the tyranny of oppression at the hands of the trolls.

Quick Thoughts:
  • The Avengers have an emergency fund to reimburse the city for damages caused by their adventuring lifestyle.  
  • Odin's emotions seem to  have an influence on Earth's weather
  • Iron Man, Ant Man, and Wasp all make the briefest of cameos
  • Loki mentions that Thor is immortal
Favorite Panel:

Loki's latest trick to get to earth.  Okay, on the one hand, the dude shrinks into a bee, so I get it, he's hard to catch.  On the other hand, Heimdall, you're guarding a rainbow bridge to earth...shouldn't you be prepared for this kind of thing?

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