Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marvel History 177: Strange Tales # 124

Issue: Strange Tales # 124
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers 1st story, Steve Ditko 2nd story
Publication Date: September 1964

Brief Summary:


Dude, Paste-Pot Pete, my man.  You were on a roll, helping out the Avengers, redeeming yourself, becoming a good guy.  What happened?  Apparently he fell prey to the "I just need to defeat my arch nemesis" syndrome.  So, he's come back more crafty and more menacing, demanding to be taken seriously.  He probably shouldn't refer to himself as Paste-Pot Pete, but whatevs, we'll let it go.

Thing has almost as large a role in this story as our boy Johnny Storm.  I think it's pretty clear that this is the more popular duo within the Fantastic Four.  So it comes as no surprise when Stan announces at the end of the story that Thing will be teamed with Torch in every issue going forward.

In the backup story, Dr. Strange thwarts the evil Zota in the past in ancient Egypt in order to help out Cleopatra.  Stan must have a crush on her, because this is her second appearance in the MU (she develops a crush on Tony Stark here).

Quick Thoughts:

    • Torch can "flame off" certain segments of his body at a time.  We've seen this before as well.
    • Thing uses the power of his body to change the direction of his plummet to earth.  Might want to reconsider the physics of that one.
    • Paste-Pot Pete's most dangerous new weapon?  Asbestos paste.

Favorite Panel: 
The future Sorcerer Supreme.

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