Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marvel History 180: X-Men # 7

Issue: X-Men # 7
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1964

Brief Summary:



Well, the X-Men are graduating.  Time flies when you're havin' fun.  I believe Stan has spoken before at length about how he had Spider-Man graduate high school too fast because he didn't believe the character was going to endure.  Same logic applies here.

Again, more time is spent with the villains in X-Men than in the other books.  Here we see Mastermind try to convince Scarlet Witch to leave the Brotherhood with him.

Magneto removes the mental block on the Blob placed by Professor X, and Blob then joins the Brotherhood.  The X-Men fight the Brotherhood and beat them up, and then Blob realizes he was just being used, as Magneto was willing to sacrifice his life to try to kill the X-Men.  Blob sadly returns to the life of a carnie freak show, the only world he's ever known.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Iceman's appearance is a lot closer to his present day looks (as in, less like Frosty)
  • The X-Men have graduated high school, not just "X-Men Class" or whatever
  • Cerebro, the machine built to detect mutants, has its first appearance
  • Cyclops is named leader of the X-Men in Xavier's absence 
  • Magneto is still using mental powers
  • The X-Men travel by helicopter; give me the Blackbird!
Favorite Panel:

The X-Men on graduation day.  This image, or replications of it, will crop up many times; a photo of the simpler era of the X-Men.

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