Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marvel History 181: Amazing Spider-Man # 17

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 17
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: October 1964

Brief Summary:


Green Goblin is back for a rematch.  So, there's that.  Spider-Man has to run off in the middle of the fight when he learns that Aunt May has a heart attack.  This makes him look like a coward, and the Parker luck streak continues!

On the love triangle side of things, Liz Allen makes references about Miss Brant putting on weight, and being a little old.  That does kind of bring up a good point.  How many years does Betty have on Peter?  He is, after all, still in high school, while she's out in the working world.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Goblin's got a glider instead of a broom now.  A step in the right direction.
  • He also has an electrically charged toy frog as a weapon.  One step forward...
  • Flash Thompson starts a Spider-Man fan club.
  • Torch gives Peter Parker his autograph
  • Mary Jane Watson gets another reference, although still no appearance
Favorite Panel:

Johnny Storm's a popular dude.

Favorite Quote: "Imagine if he ever saw Spider-Man!  He'd probably faint!" - Flash Thompson about Peter Parker (you know, Spider-Man)

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