Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marvel History 182: Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 1

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 1
Writer: Stan Lee 
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: 

Brief Summary:


Spider-Man's villains take stock of their lives, start singing a little Ringo Starr (or Joe Cocker, if you prefer), and decide to team up to put the hurtin' on Spidey.  Things are lookin strong for our bad guys, and then they decide to TAKE SPIDEY ON ONE AT A TIME.  Yes, I capitalized that, which hopefully highlights the stupidity of it.  If Spider-Man barely beat you individually, then maybe you should fight him all at once.  I expected at least some sort of reference to the villain's pride as their for choosing to do this as opposed to, you know, ALL FIGHTING HIM AT ONCE.  Guess who wins this one?
Quick Thoughts:
  • Spider-Man recounts his origin and Uncle Ben's death
  • Aunt May notes that Peter is the top student in his class
  • This comic is an advertisement for every other Marvel comic, as all the other heroes appear with a blurb about their own mag
  • This issue incorporates a number of splash pages; they are full page spreads of Spidey putting the whooping on his enemies
  • Dr. Ock does a pretty good Martha Stewart impersonation in hosting/imprisoning Aunt May; she has the time of her life
  • One of the backup stories is a comic of the making of an issue of Spider-Man!

Favorite Panel:

The many applications of Spider-Man's webbing

Favorite Quote: "Fighting is the last resort of the ignorant!!" Dr. Strange paraphrasing Isaac Asimove

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