Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marvel History 187: Sgt. Fury # 11

Issue: Sgt. Fury # 11
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers
Publication Date: October 1964

Brief Summary:


The Commandos get a temporary new commanding officer, Captain Flint, and he's a real pain in the ass (think David Schwimmer in Band of Brothers).  It's all a lesson about how what sometimes works in the classroom, so to speak, doesn't actually work in practice.  And, blissfully, Captain Flint has learned his lesson by story's end.

We also learn that the Commandos' actual commander, Happy Sam Sawyer, was the man who originally organized and trained the Commandos.  It's good of Stan to start building out the back stories of some of these guys, as the all out war action is starting to get rather tiresome.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Dum Dum Dugan spent years as a boxer
  • Joe DiMaggio and Shirley Temple are both referenced
  • Every issue of Sgt. Fury ends with Stan saying, in regards to the next issue, "Be here, and that's an order!"

Favorite Panel:

Like a Looney Tunes episode...

Favorite Quote: "I wonder if Fury's parents ever had any kids?" - One of the Commandos

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