Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marvel History 188: Strange Tales # 125

Issue: Strange Tales # 125
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers
Publication Date: October 1964

Brief Summary:


So Strange Tales is now Marvel's premiere team-up book, as it now features Thing and Torch each issue.  Stan kicks off the new era with more references to asbestos.

This issue is pretty heavy on the action, with Thing and Torch fighting Namor most of the time.  Not much in the way of story beats, until the end, when it's revealed that Mr. Fantastic had finally gotten Namor to agree to meet with him to talk peace.  Thing and Torch unknowingly put an end to that.  Oops.

In the backup tale, Dr. Strange fights Mordo...again.  Strange could really use a supporting cast at this point.  And the Master doesn't really count.  It's about time for Strange to have a love interest that he thinks is unrequited, but really isn't.  It would only be fair.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Torch refers to Namor as "Web Head."
  • Whilst in water, Torch can make his body hot enough to steam the water

Favorite Panel:

Mordo and Dr. Strange's fights sometimes happen across cruise ships, I guess.

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