Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marvel History 193: Fantastic Four # 32

Issue: Fantastic Four # 32
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: November 1964

Brief Summary:



Reed changes Thing back into human form, and cautions that the change could be permanent.  We see that this upsets Torch,   who has apparently really taken to Thing being a part of the team.

Ben suffers from amnesia after the transformation.  It's just one of those side effects Reed forgot to mention before the process started.  Oops.  So, he reverses the process, and that's that.

We also learn the story of Sue and Johnny's dead, who lost his wife and then lost his marbles and went to jail.  Tough times.  Then Super Skrull, our buddy from times gone by, masquerades as the elder Storm and goes on a crime rampage.  Disappointingly, Reed doesn't turn him into a cow.  And, unfortunately, Sue and Johnny's dad dies saving the Fan 4.

Favorite Panel:

Remember those punching bags from when you were a kid?  Ever wanted to sock Reed
Richards in the face?

Favorite Quote: "Some hotshot scientist you are!  Maybe I shoulda teamed up with Doc Doom!" - The Thing

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