Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marvel History 194: Journey into Mystery # 110

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 110
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: November 1964

Brief Summary:


Well, Loki's back on earth, and now he's paying the bail for Mr. Hydre and Cobra in the hopes of forming a coalition against Thor.  Stan is using the super villain team up to greater effect, as he now has cabals of evil going in both X-Men and Avengers, and now in his solo Thor stories.

Anyways, Thor has to fight his way back into Asgard, which is pretty cool, as he takes on the entire city and wins.  The issue also sees Thor pull a semi-Superman move to keep Jane alive. And it's a two parter to boot!

The backup story is one of Odin's military campaigns, in which he stages a wise retreat.  And so, until next issue, may the eyes of Asgard smile down on thee..

Favorite Panel:

Just a casual conversation at the end of the working day, nothing to see here.  Pay no attention to the slop-house climbing in through the window.

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