Monday, November 28, 2011

Marvel History 196: Strange Tales # 126

Issue: Strange Tales # 126
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers 1st story & Steve Ditko 2nd
Publication Date: November 1964
Brief Summary:


Alright, we're back in action after a few days off from the Thanksgiving holidays.

Don't worry; according to the Mad Thinker, his plan has a 99.99% chance of working.  This is a comic about the .01%.  It's also yet another exciting round of let the heroes fight each other for the first half of the story.

This story is somewhat more interesting in the sense that our two heroes never actually encounter the villains.

The backup story is more interesting, as Dormammu makes his first appearance.  Dr. Strange has referenced Dormammu a number of times, but now he's here in the to speak.  Dormammu's reality is properly trippy.  Ditko gets to flex his Salvidor Dali muscles in a lot of these Dr. Strange stories, creating worlds that are entirely removed from our own.  Also, Clea, a critical member of Dr. Strange's supporting cast, makes her first appearance.  A big issue for the Doctor, and the story is a two parter!

Favorite Panel:

Thing looks like he could use a hug or something.

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