Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marvel History 198: Tales to Astonish # 61

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 61
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers 1st story & Steve Ditko 2nd story
Publication Date: November 1964

Brief Summary:


Perhaps the tales of a man who catapults himself into a bed of ants are waning in popularity, as Hulk gets top billing on the cover of this issue.  The Hulk story picks up where it left off last issue, and it actually leaves us with another cliffhanger.  It's almost as if Stan is using a more modern approach here, with each issue paving the way for the next.  This is a style perfected later by Christ Claremont, whose work on X-Men we'll get to in about 2019 at this rate.

The Ant Man story (which is actually the first story in this issue, but I thought I'd mix things up a little) features the villain Egghead.  Egghead builds android, Ant Man defeats android, story ends.  Let the good times roll.

Favorite Panel:

The Hulk is captured!


X-Men # 8