Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marvel History 206: Strange Tales # 127

Issue: Strange Tales # 127
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: December 1964

Brief Summary:


Johnny Storm has got an attitude, as he's frustrated with Reed Richards for, well, no real reason.  See, Reed is awesome at everything he does, and Johnny, being a "hotshot," has a hard time accepting that.  He proposes that the Fantastic Four doesn't need a leader.  After all, the Avengers don't have one, and they do alright for themselves.

After Johnny wastes his time reciting all the foes he has beaten, Reed tells him he doesn't really give a damn what Torch does.  Thing is actually the one who doesn't want to break up the FF, which is quite a turnaround from where he was in the earliest days of the team forming.

Mr. Fantastic then decides to prove that he's the best by thwarting Torch and Thing at every single turn.  Yes, this entire comic is basically a grand standing for Reed to be able to ask his teammates who their daddy is.  Reed: 1, Torch and Thing Team up: 0, Mole Man: o.

And in the backup story, Strange's first encounter with Dormammu ends with him assisting ole Dormy in holding back mindless creatures from destroying everything.  Dormy is displeased that he needed Strange's help.  After Strange returns to earth, his master explains that one day Strange will replace him.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Liquid asbestos is the new asbestos
  • Thing's Aunt Petunia gets another reference
  • Torch mentions The Perils of Pauline, which, I must admit, I had to look up to understand the reference
  • Strange gets a new cape, and it's red
Favorite Panel:

Um, I can build replacements of both of you, so shut up.  Reed out.

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