Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marvel History 208: Tales to Astonish # 62

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 62
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Carl Burgos and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: December 1964

Brief Summary:


This is our last issue of 1964.  We're almost there!  We'll be talking about the Clone Saga before you know it!  1964 was another big year for Marvel.  Super hero comics are really starting to dominate Marvel's publication lineup.  It's an exciting time, as many classic heroes and villains made their debut in 1964.

Giant Man doesn't end the year well; he accidentally grows a plant the size of a skyscraper, loses his costume, and has someone discover his real identity.

In Hulk's story, he absorbs the impact of an entire gamma bomb.  So Hulk is a touch more serious than Giant Man.  We also hear mention of "The Leader," with promises that we'll see more of this villain in future issues.

Quick Thoughts:

  • The Daily Bugle is referenced
  • Hank Pym has a "memory loss serum"; again, Identity Crisis comes to mind
  • The Mighty Marvel Marching Society is revealed in the letters page

Favorite Panel:

Ant City!

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