Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marvel History 213: Sgt. Fury # 14

Issue: Sgt. Fury # 14
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers
Publication Date: January 1965

Brief Summary:

Sgt. Fury 14


Well, I hope you all enjoyed Captain America's appearance last issue, because now it's  back to all Howling Commando all the time.

Stan spends about two panels trying to further develop the individual Commandos, and then it's once more into the fray.  Perhaps I shouldn't be too hard on Stan.  He does tie up some loose ends this issue, like letting us know what happened to a skipper who was last seen in issue 10.  I'm guessing that some of these panels are the results of readers writing in and asking these questions, so if that's the case, that's cool.

Baron Strucker returns at a special request from Hitler, who also makes an appearance.  Strucker seems to think Hitler's a nut job, but of course he follows orders.  Is this a clever and subtle reference by Stan to the Nuremberg Trials.  Probably not, but a guy can dream!  At least it's cool that Strucker is now a recurring villain, and he's got his own squad of anti-Commandos.

Favorite Panel:
The madness of Strucker

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