Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marvel History 216: Tales to Astonish # 63

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 63
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Carl Burgos and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: January 1965

Brief Summary:


What's Giant Man up to these days?  Well, he's swinging around town, meeting up with police officers, apprehending bad guys, etc.  Wasp gets taken out of the action by a can of bug spray.  We meet the Wrecker.  It's all pretty much par for the course.

Sadly, despite having so many fewer appearances, Hulk has a much stronger supporting cast than Giant Man.  That trend continues with the introduction of the Leader, who, despite having a terrible name, is one of Hulk's arch rivals in the coming years.  They share a gamma ray connection.  Leader got smart when he was hit with gamma rays (as opposed to Hulk, who got, you know, hulking).  This story merely sets the stage for future conflicts between these two.

Favorite Panel:

Humorous caption on this one.

Favorite Quote:

"You may not be much, but you're the only Giant Man I have!" - Wasp

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