Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marvel History 218: Amazing Spider-Man # 21

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 21
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date:  February  1965

Brief Summary:



Apparently when the baddie called The Beetle, last seen here, is set free from prison, the US government gives him back his armored costume.  He claims there's no law against having said "armored costume."  This seems like a bad call on the part of the government.  Might want to work on those laws in the coming years.

A lot of time is spent on the differences between the lifestyles of Torch and Spidey, and Peter Parker is more than a touch jealous of Torch's popularity.  So, then some other stuff happens, blah blah blah, and Torch and Spidey end up fighting each other.

Betty Brant also spends most of the issue in tears, thinking Parker has ran off with another girl (he hasn't).

Favorite Panel:

Marvel super villain The Beetle, or Hunter Thompson?  You decide!

Favorite Quote: "I couldn't win a popularity contest even if I was the only one entered!" - Spider-Man

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