Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marvel History 220: Daredevil # 6

Issue: Daredevil # 6
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Wallace Wood
Publication Date:  February 1965

Brief Summary:


...Aaaaaaand we're back from the holiday break.

This issue, Daredevil takes on the second most famous fellowship of all-time, The Fellowship of Fear!!  Yes, the second most famous fellowship is well behind the first in popularity.  And, hey, it might not even be the second most famous.  Anyone who can think of another fellowship, let me know.

But anyways, this is the first appearance of Mr. Fear, who will remain a prominent villain in the MU for a long time.  This differs from the Enforcers, who are kind of...the worst.

Favorite Panel:

Mr. Fear used to run a wax museum, but don't worry, because that has nothing to do with the rest of his story.  I guess I shouldn't be too harsh, as the wax museum setting does give the artist a chance to draw plenty of Marvel characters, albeit stiff ones.

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