Friday, December 30, 2011

Marvel History 222: Journey into Mystery # 113

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 113
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: February 1965

Brief Summary:


This story basically opens up with Stan Lee explaining that Jack Kirby wanted to draw some epic Norse ass kicking, and Stan granted the request.  Whether that's the truth behind the early pages of this story and their lack of relevance towards the rest of the tale is unknown, but it does provide a few cool action shots by Mr. Kirby.

Meanwhile, Thor and Odin are still fighting about Thor's love of Jane Foster.  This would start to seem boring, except Thor actually comes clean and reveals his true identity to Jane!   Except that Odin steals his power and he can't become Thor until he really needs to and then Jane's not there and so Thor decides he doesn't really want to tell her the truth and so the status quo remains.  Yeeseeh.  Oh, and the Grey Gargoyle returns.

We see some of Loki's boyhood in the backup story.  Hint: He was kind of a brat.

Favorite Panel:
Thor takes on the Grey Gargoyle

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