Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marvel History 226: Tales to Astonish # 64

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 64
Writer: Leon Lazarus and Stan Lee
Artist: Carl Burgos and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: February 1965

Brief Summary:

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The Giant Man story in this issue was written by Leon Lazarus, who worked on many Marvel comics in the years proceeding the super hero era.  Don't worry, it was edited by Stan Lee, so every sentence still pretty much ends with an exclamation point.  Excelsior!  Seriously though, there's some interesting information in Leon's wikipedia article about why this is Leon's only story working for Marvel in the 60s.  Worth checking out.

Anyways, there's trouble in paradise when Jan leaves her Giant Man for an issue.  Then Attuma, last seen getting pounded by Namor and the Fan Four, returns.  There's nothing like beating an underwater-sea-creature-dictator into the ocean floor for fixing what ails a relationship, and by issue's end, Giant Man and his gal are in love again.

On the Hulk side of things, Hulk's tussles with the Leader, the US Government, himself, and everyone not named Rick Jones continues.


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