Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marvel History 227: Amazing Spider-Man # 22

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 22
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: March 1965

Brief Summary:


The Ringmaster (surely you remember him!) has already finished his prison term, thus proving that the legal system in the Marvel Universe is a joke (sorry, Daredevil!).  But the circus of crime isn't sticking with the Ringmaster for a leader.  Oh, no.  They need someone with guts.  With cleverness.  With charisma!  They choose a circus clown.

That works out about as well as you might expect.  Spidey spends a large portion of the issue trying to determine how to handle Princess Python, as he doesn't want to hurt a woman.  Quite noble.  By issue's end, the entire Circus of Crime is apprehended again, victim to greed, circumstance, and Spidey.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Parker studies the work of Henry Pym
  • Betty Brant has caught wind of Peter's dalliance with Johnny Storm's galfriend
  • Tuesday Weld gets a reference, as does Sophia Loren

Favorite Panel:

Spidey taking on the circus.

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