Friday, January 6, 2012

Marvel History 228: Avengers # 14

Issue: Avengers # 14
Writer: Stan Lee and Paul Laiken 
Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: March 1965

Brief Summary:


At last issue's end, the life of Wasp was in danger.  This issue picks up with the team rushing to get her medical care under the auspicious title "Even an Avenger Can Die!"

Thor reveals that he can't help as Dr. Blake, because apparently he's not a good enough surgeon.  Interesting.  The son of Odin should have paid more attention in med school, I guess.

So, there's only one doctor who can save her.  Wouldn't you just know that the doctor who could perform the miracle operation just so happens to be the doctor who is being held by aliens from another galaxy?  The very same.

So, the team rescues the surgeon, and also stops an intergalactic war from breaking out across earth between alien races.  Oh, and Wasp is fine.

Favorite Panel:

Guess who's the number one draft choice in pickup basketball...

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