Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marvel History 234: Tales to Astonish # 65

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 65
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: March 1965

Brief Summary:


Information on Bob Powell, the artist on the Giant Man portion of this issue, can be found here.

Anyway, Giant Man's got a new solution that lets him shrink or grow the size of things around him.  He's also got a new costume designed by lover gal Wasp, and it's amazingly even worse than his old costume.

Anyways, Hank spills his shrinking/growing solution, and it lands on a spider.  This is not the result.  So, Hank and Jan fight an enormous spider in a very Honey I Shrunk The Kids episode of Giant Man and Wasp.

In Hulk's story, he is at the hands of the communists, because Stan hasn't brought them around in a while.  Come on, you know it was time.

Favorite Panel:

The Hulk breaks free.

Favorite Quote:

"Your costume is the most atrocious thing since Castro's beard!" - Wasp

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