Friday, January 13, 2012

Marvel History 235: X-Men # 10

Issue: X-Men # 10
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack KirbyPublication Date: March 1965
Brief Summary:


Big Ka-Zar and trusty pet Sabre-Tooth Tiger Zabu make their mighty Marvel debuts.  Alas, Ka-Zar is not a mutant, as Prof X can tell with his Cerebro machine.  Of course, Ka-Zar also means the Savage Land, which is one of the fantastic locations of the Marvel Universe, and the site of many X-Men related adventures to come.

Ka-Zar doesn't speak the best English, and this of course leads to a minor skirmish with the X-Men (well, that and Iceman freezing Zabu).  There's also a Jurassic Park-like episode featuring Jean and Warren.

At issue's end, Ka-Zar bids the X-Men to never return to the Savage Land.  Like that'll happen.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Jerry Lewis gets a reference
  • It's pronounced "Kay-Sar" according to Stan Lee
  • Beast quotes Isaac Asimov (although he doesn't give proper credit!)
  • The Savage Land is not named as such
Favorite Panel:


Favorite Quote:

"The South Pole is one place where I'll feel right at home!" - Iceman

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