Monday, January 16, 2012

Marvel History 238: Daredevil # 7

Issue: Daredevil # 7
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Wallace Wood
Publication Date: April 1965

Brief Summary:


Namor decides to press his claim to the surface world through due legal process.  Boy, he's a real fish out of water in the corporate world (yeah, I did it).  The dude can barely work a revolving door, but he somehow makes his way to Murdock's law offices.

Namor's arrival at the office is genuinely entertaining.  He's breaking elevators, slamming the door, and just generally making an ass of himself (as he so often does).

This issue is also the debut of Daredevil's red costume, which will become his mainstay from here on out.  His costume is one of the most static in all of comic-dom from this point on.

There's also a cool moment this issue where Namor regards Daredevil as a truly courageous hero, given his handicap, and decides that he is indeed quite noble.  It was cool to see Namor give DD his props.  All in all, this was a pretty solid issue, and a good early meeting between these two characters.

Favorite Panel:

Political maneuvering and thinking is hard to take seriously when it comes from a man riding on sea turtles.

Favorite Quote:

"The Lord of Atlantis waits for nothing!" - Namor, waiting (and then not waiting) for an elevator

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