Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marvel History 243: Tales of Suspense # 64

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 64
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck and Jack Kirby
Publication Date: April 1965

Brief Summary:


So, Black Widow continues to show signs of wanting to repent from her evil ways, but the Iron Curtain is relentless, threatening her parents if she doesn't defeat Iron Man.  But, of course, both she and Hawkeye are no match for our man Tony Stark.

Also, it's still clear that Pepper is in love with Stark, and not Happy Hogan.  The workplace love triangles of Stan continue.

Cap's story, set in the WWII era, features the tale of Sando and Omar (not that Omar).  Sando's a creepy Nazi spies whom Cap puts the beating on.  Omar is just a weird looking dude, and that's no crime, so he's free to go.  American Justice!

Quick Thoughts:

  • The New York World's Fair gets a reference
  • Black Widow gets a new costume (she looks like Catwoman)
  • Hawkeye has built an acid-spray arrowhead, and a boomerang arrow, and more!
  • Black Widow's new boots allow her to walk on any surface

Favorite Panel:

And you thought the proportions on female comic characters were bad these days.  Look at that waist!

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