Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marvel History 244: Tales to Astonish # 66

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 66
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: April 1965

Brief Summary:


The villain in Giant Man's tale is Madam Macabre, who has  loyal henchmen named Gogo and Kayla, both of whom look exactly like the creepy dude Omar (not that Omar) from the last issue of Tales of Suspense.

Apparently, Madam M. received her training at the hands of the Mandarin, and if Giant Man spent a little more time talking to Iron Man, he'd know the Mandarin is a bad dude. But alas, he is not aware of the evil of which she is capable.  Doesn't really stop Wasp and Giant Man from getting her locked up by issue's end, though.

On the green goliath side of the mag, Hulk's still fighting the communists, and the Leader still wants to team up with Hulk.  After all, according to Leader, they are the only two green skinned creatures on the earth (She-Hulk hasn't been invented yet...or Anole...or...).  Hulk's story doesn't conclude at the end of this issue either, making it more of a continuing saga at this point.  It's certainly becoming one of the longer multi-part stories Stan has put together by this point.

Favorite Panel:

Bruce Banner does his best North by Northwest interpretation.

Favorite Quote: "I need another partner like the Human Torch needs a match!" - Giant Man

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