Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marvel History 250: Strange Tales # 132

Issue: Strange Tales # 132
Writer: Stan Lee and Larry Ivie
Artist: Steve Ditko and Bob Powell
Publication Date: May 1965

Brief Summary:


Some dude from NASA shows up to talk to the Fan Four about space.  About time I suppose, given that the Fan Four was at one time astronauts.

Alas, Johnny's got other problems, as Doris breaks up with him for being stood up one too many times.  Fair argument.  But, of course, three pages later she's trying to figure out how to get back into his life.

Thing at one point has a dialogue balloon that's just full of random letters, which appears to be one of the earliest instances I can recall of Marvel using random punctuation to replace F-bombs and such.

Anyway, Johnny has to return earth in a daring escape from a spaceship.  Fortunately, he does not turn into the Phoenix Force.

Dr. Strange's story features him battling Baron Mordo, who is channeling the powers of Dormammu.  It ends on a cliffhanger.

Quick Thoughts:
  • One of the NASA engineers gives Thing the alias of Josiah Verpoorten
  • Dr. Strange is a pretty good tipper

Favorite Panel:

Yeah, this dude doesn't look suspicious at all.

Favorite Quote: "This is a Thing-sized job!"

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