Monday, January 30, 2012

Marvel History 252: Tales to Astonish # 67

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 67
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: May 1965

Brief Summary:


Just when you thought Giant Man was in love with Wasp and over his fetish for riding bugs, he tells her he's trained a bee as his new mount.  Oh, Pym...

Anyways, our two heroes battle against an alien with the power to steal the abilities and knowledge of scientists.  The alien loses, and is never heard from again.  Kind of ho hum.  One interesting factoid was that Giant Man is at his strongest at twelve feet tall.  Beyond that, most of his power is drained.

On the Hulk side of things, he escapes the Iron Curtain, only to be captured by marauders once he returns to Bruce Banner form.  Glen Talbot comes to rescue him, but the issue ends on a cliffhanger as the two are last seen plummeting to their death.  I suppose as they're not hanging on the edge of the cliff it's not really much of a cliffhanger, but you get my drift.

Favorite Panel:

King me!

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