Saturday, February 11, 2012

Avengers # 18

Avengers # 18
Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: July 1965

Brief Summary:


The adventures of the new look Avengers continue as Captain America and crew take on communism.  Sometimes when Stan uses the term the Reds, I think of these guys.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this issue, as Stan spends some time focusing on Captain America's issues with being, as he puts it, a living anachronism.  We also see how the other team members enjoy spending their free time.  Captain America's query to Nick Fury has still gone unanswered, although it is referenced once more.

Quicksilver questions Captain America's decision for the team to get involved in international affairs, although it is Hawkeye that backs up Cap's decision.

Anyways, the team fights the Commissar, who's actually a huge robot.  Boo communism.  Right?

Quick Thoughts:

  • Quicksilver is a big fan of the circus
  • His sister Wanda loves the theater
  • The baddie in this issue hails from the fictitious country Sin-Cong, which I'm not sure we'll ever hear from again

Favorite Panel:

Cap takes on the Commissar

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