Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avengers # 19

Issue: Avengers # 19
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: August 1965

Brief Summary:



The Swordsman shows up to audition for a place on the Avengers, and ends up getting into a tussle with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  I suppose Stan has cooled down on the hero vs. hero combat of late, so I'll forgive him this one.  I'll doubly allow it here, as the Swordsman turns out to be a rather substantial ass rather than a hero.

In fact, the Sworsdman is such a bastard, that Captain America would rather hurl himself to his own death than name Swordsman as the leader of the Avengers.  We'll see how that decision pans out for him next issue.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Cap is still waiting for an answer to his letter from Nick Fury, because Fury never got it!  Hydra stepped in
  • Hawkeye's origin (and connection to the Swordsman) is revealed
  • Hawkeye refers to Cap as "Glamor Pants", so maybe I will, too

Favorite Panel:

Easy there, Glamor Pants, easy...

Favorite Quote: "As for the last word, that is a woman's prerogative -- As you shall see!" - Scarlet Witch

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