Friday, February 3, 2012

Daredevil # 8

Issue: Daredevil # 8
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Wallace Wood
Publication Date: June 1965

Brief Summary:


Well, the issue opens on Daredevil pleading with a young damsel to not stop screaming, and things only heat up from there, when Daredevil goes toe to toe with...Stiltman!

Yeah, having big stilts apparently gets you through the qualifying round of "Who wants to a Super Villain" in the mid 60s.  It was a wild time back then.  You could scan braille for the latest patent laws quick as a wisp, your boss could steal your inventions, you could check people's pulses with your hearing as a reliable lie detector; anything was possible in those days, and a young Matt Murdock was at the cusp of it all.  

So Daredevil cuts Stiltman down to size, and if you think that's a bad pun, you haven't read half as many Stan Lee comics as I have.

Favorite Panel:

A cutaway image of Daredevil's apartment and his work space below

Favorite Quote: "In my line of work, a building without a flag-pole would be suicide!" - Daredevil

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