Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daredevil # 9

Issue: Daredevil # 9
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Wallace Wood and Bob Powell
Publication Date: August 1965

Brief Summary:


DD shows some reluctance to taking part in an experimental eye operation, as he's nervous that such a procedure could have a negative effect on his other heightened senses.  What a hero.

Also, the romantic triangle between Matt, Foggy, and Karen continues to develop.  Foggy realizes that Karen longs for Matt, who also only has eyes (no puns here, no puns) for her.

Daredevil travels to Lichtenbad, a fictional European country which doesn't really appear again in the proper MU.  Then again, that could be because it is run by a tyrannical dictator who Daredevil helps topple.  If they can solve the problem that quickly in Lichtenbad, why can't they ever get the situation in Latveria fixed?

Favorite Panel:

Foggy Nelson enjoys a casual putting session on the job.

Favorite Quote: "Too bad a fella in my line of work can't join Blue Cross!" - Daredevil

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