Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantastic Four # 41

Issue: Fantastic Four # 41
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: August 1965

Brief Summary:


The issue opens with an upset Ben Grimm.  His recent return to Thing-form has him pretty distressed, which makes sense given that most people wouldn't want to look like an orange rock.  Still, he does have the love of Alicia Masters, and he is part of a popular superhero team.  It's not like he's got nothing going for him, or like he spends his days riding insects around.  Yet there he is, catching a ride on the back of a pick up truck out of town.

Medusa asserts herself among the Frightful Four, and some of her earlier leanings away from evil seem to have dissipated.  There is still no proper explanation of who she is, although that has to be coming.

The issue ends with a brainwashed Thing about to put the pounding on Reed and the rest of the Fan 4.

Quick Thoughts:
  • The issue of who pays for the damages in a superhero fight is raised, although not solved (and won't be until these guys set up shop)
  • Alicia Masters appears with brown hair
  • Paste-Pot Pete is still reminding people he's the Trapster now
  • Thing will be the best man at Reed and Sue's wedding
  • Medusa expresses a romantic inkling toward Reed

Favorite Panel:
Madam Medusa in control

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