Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strange Tales # 134

Issue: Strange Tales # 134
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: July 1965

Brief Summary:


Indulge me for a little while here as I go over the setup of this issue.  The Watcher, who can, we assume, see everything - and interfere with nothing - shows up to tell the Fan 4 about some new threat that could destroy the universe.  But Reed and Sue are out (where?  probably at the movies, the grocery store, mayhap finalizing the marriage license) and so the Watcher settles on Thing and Torch tackle the problem alone.  Yes, that's right, the all powerful being who sees everything can't find the guy who ran out for milk, and with the fate of the universe on the line, he settles for what's available.  This is the dude we have watching over our planet?  Christ, no wonder things like this are allowed to exist.

The only saving grace is that this issue features Kang the Conqueror jousting (like, on a horse).  There's also Merlin granting the Human Torch his powers back at one point.  So yeah, all's normal here.  Thing asks Kang if he writes dialogue for Thor.  Heh.

In the backup tale, with the help of Clea (who still has not been officially introduced to Strange), the Doctor is able to hold off Dormammu and Mordo for the time being.  The Ancient One bids Strange to find someone called Eternity before lapsing back into a coma.  So, next issue, the quest for eternity begins (not to be confused with this quest for eternity).

Favorite Panel:

Lil' Uatu and his new pals form a friendship circle!

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