Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tales of Suspense # 67

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 67
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck and Jack Kirby
Publication Date: July 1965

Brief Summary:


Stan kicks off the splash page with the line "If you think this title-illustration doesn't make sense, just wait'll you read the story!!"  I'm not quite sure that's the best approach, but kudos to him from veering away from the usual "This is the best comic book ever!"

Anyways, fresh off his recent quitting, Happy's on his way to Ireland, and Pepper is none too pleased that Iron Man/Tony Stark didn't put up more of a fuss regarding his abrupt departure.

This issue features the return of Count Nefaria (our pal who created some grief for the Avengers a little while ago), who creates a dream world in which Iron Man is pitted against all the great foes of his past (and some of the not-so-great ones as well).

Also, Stark is referencing events as recent as Tales of Suspense # 45 as happening "years ago."  This prolonged early stretch of time in the Marvel Universe will be condensed in the future history.  It seems that comic book time is condensed as it moves forward.  For example, events happening in comics right now (as in being published today) that might reference events "a year previous" (in comics time) will, when viewed ten years from now (our time), have taken significantly less comics time.  If you followed that trail of thought, well, what are you doing reading my blog?!?  Go get a job with NASA!  But, point being, "years" didn't pass between Tales of Suspense 45 and 67, as Stan claims.

Anyway, Happy agrees to return to Stark's employ, and Count Nefaria fails with his dream machine.

The Captain America story ends on another cliffhanger, with Cap still under the mind control of the Red Skull.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Pepper calls Iron Man a "Rasputin" (not this Rasputin; still a ways to go there)
  • Tony Stark claims he will love Pepper until the day he dies (not to her face, of course)

Favorite Panel:

Captain America hails Hitler!  Yikes!

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