Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tales to Astonish # 68

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 68
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell and Jack Kirby
Publication Date: June 1965

Brief Summary:


Well, the Human Top, who tried to kill Giant Man a while ago, tries to kill him again.  No matter how you slice it, Human Top is not a good name for a super villain.  When you hear the phrase Human Top, you don't think of fear, or terror, or even mild discomfort.  You think of someone spinning around like a moron.  Maybe you even think of dizzy bat.

But Top's not gonna let a little thing like being a loser get him down.  Oh, no.  What he's gonna do is replay prior events in his mind while Giant Man is unconscious and could easily be killed.  When you're Human Top, you're already starting from behind, so when Giant Man presents you with a lay up, you have got to capitalize.  Also, you can't spend your time making a new costume that makes you look like a fly swatter.  Sometimes Super Villains just don't understand, man.  We'll have to wait till next issue for Giant Man to rock his world.

On the jolly green side of the mag, Stan further establishes that Hulk has ups, as he's leaping and bounding around mountains, and even crossing the Atlantic.  Leader, who has been laying plans for the last eighty-five issues (or so it feels), finally unleashes his attacks, and it' robots.  Christ.  Is anybody else ready for Maximum Carnage?  I just want a super villain that treats the job with respect.

Quick Thoughts:
  • After a recent loss of powers, Giant Man is now topping out at 35 feet
  • Giant Man and Wasp have their own private guard at their residence

Favorite Panel:

Hey man, confidence is key, but I don't think that's your only weakness, bro.

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