Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fantastic Four Annual # 3

Issue: Fantastic Four Annual # 3
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: October 1965

Brief Summary:


Okay, Reed and Sue are tying the knot, and it's kind of a big deal.  Anybody who's anybody in the Marvel Universe at this point makes an appearance.  Seriously.  Even Puppet Master.  Even Black Knight and Mandarin.  Even Red freaking Ghost.  Oh, and X-Men: 1, Mole Man: 0.

Stan does a nice job in working in pretty much every major (and most of the minor) players in the MU, and he's right to do so.  Other than origin stories and first appearances, we haven't had a whole lot of "big" events occurring so far in these early issues, but the wedding of Sue and Reed is one of them.

Quick Hits:
  • This issue reprints FF # 6 and FF # 11
  • The characters from Marvel's romance comics appear in a panel (does this mean I should have been doing posts for them!?!?)
  • Tony Stark's wedding ensemble makes him look like Eustace Tilly, the New Yorker mascot
  • Giant Man is noticeably absent from the festivities, as is Wasp and Hulk

Favorite Panel:

Sometimes I reach the end of an issue, only to discover that I haven't chosen a favorite panel.  Then there's times like this, where it's the very first page!  I hope you enjoy Doom's reading of the upcoming nuptials.

Favorite Quote:

"Only by scoring the greatest victory of all time can I wipe out the humiliation of the past!" - Dr. Doom, who is sharing a sentiment surely felt by many professional athletes.

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