Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strange Tales # 136

Issue: Strange Tales # 136
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Severin and Steve Ditko
Publication Date: September 1965

Brief Summary:



Hope you love big Nick Fury, because he's appearing in more monthly mags than Spider-Man!

The Fury story features artwork from John Severin, who had a long career at Cracked magazine.  It also features Hydra just failing all over in their efforts to destroy SHIELD.

On the Strange side of life, Dormammu finally catches on that Clea has been helping Strange, and has her imprisoned.  Strange himself also has his cloak of levitation by this point, so he looks more like the Doctor we all know and love.  Alas, he's no closer to finding eternity.  Stan continues his serialization of the half issue stories of his superheroes.  He also seems to like aligning everyone with a goal.  Fury needs to destroy Hydra, Thor had the whole "trial of the Gods" saga, and the good Doctor's search for eternity marches on.

Favorite Panel:

The beauty of this panel is the many different ways in which it can amuse you.  Is it Nick Fury disappearing into the ground in a barber's chair?  How about the cute little wave he offers in goodbye?  How about the girl in the pink dress casually wielding a machine gun?  There's so many options.

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