Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fantastic Four # 44

Issue: Fantastic Four # 44
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: November 1965

Brief Summary:


We start delving into the strange origins of Madame Medusa.  She's on the run from a dude called Gorgon.  On top of that, Dragon Man (last seen here) shows up to cause a little trouble.

The arrival of Gorgon is the second appearance of a member of the race called the Inhumans, with Madame Medusa being the first, of course.  Unfortunately, Gorgon isn't exactly the coolest Inhuman around, as his power mostly qualifies him to participate in the broadway show Stomp.

The issue ends in the chaos of a three way battle, and we'll have to wait until next time to learn more about the Inhumans.

Quick Hits:
  • Reed invents an automated dish-washer mechanism; it's no ultimate nullifier, but I'll take it!
  • Lyndon B. Johnson is referenced
  • Torch considers not enrolling in college a "boner"; I don't think me means it that way
  • Reed compliments the Hulk's "phenomenal leg muscles"; there is no reference to a boner

Favorite Panel:

Like many women before and since, Madame Medusa has a soft spot in her heart for Johnny Storm

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