Monday, July 9, 2012

Journey into Mystery Annual # 1

Issue: Journey into Mystery Annual # 1
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: October 1965

Brief Summary:

Journey into Mystery Annual 1


....Aaaaand we're back.  Nothing like a three and a half month hiatus to reignite the fires of reading every Marvel comic book!  Now where were we?  The first appearance of Hercules!?!  At this rate, I'm sure we'll be at Avengers vs. X-Men by the end of the summer.

Big Thor, with best pal Loki in tow, rides recklessly into the homeland of the Storm Giants.  After a quick tussle with them, he somehow falls through a "vast void of heavy nothingness" (sounds like the title of a Pink Floyd album) and lands in Olympus.  And, well, you know who hangs out there.

It's interesting to consider if Stan had chosen to focus on Greek myth ahead of Norse when designing some of his earlier characters.  While Hercules has seen more action of late in the Marvel Universe, he can't touch the popularity of big Thor.  Is the only reason for this the whim that Stan decided to "create" Thor before Herc?

Quick Hits:
  • This annual reprints classic Thor stories found here, here, here, and even here!
  • Herc asks Thor if he knows the meaning of fear, seemingly unaware of this whole thing
  • Zeus also makes an appearance; he's about as pimp as you'd expect

Favorite Panel:

Chill out, Little John

Favorite Quote: "My strength is the equal of my temper!" - Hercules; reminds me of a certain green goliath...

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