Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tales to Astonish # 72

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 72
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Gene Colan and Jack Kirby
Publication Date: October 1965
Brief Summary:


Well, from the way the issue kicks off, it seems that Namor was in a bit of a mess when I left him last.  Of course, he's in the midst of combat with the Seaweed Man, so maybe that explains why I wasn't in quite so much of a rush to get back to him.

At one point Namor decides to continue on with his quest as opposed to rescuing Dorma, the woman he loves (who isn't Sue Storm).  Not sure I love the call there, but how it all plays out will have to wait until next issue.

In Hulk world, Bruce is wanted by the government, he's captured by the Leader, and he can't change back into human form because he'll die from the bullet lodged in his brain.  Times are tough.

Stan has really committed to telling ongoing stories, especially in the two tale per issue books like Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish.

Quick Hits:
  • The "Adam Austin" said to have drawn the Namor story is actually Gene Colan working under a pseudonym
  • Apparently you can't call a cage made of plastic a plastic cage; it's a plasti-cage!
  • Mickey Demeo provides the finishes to Jack Kirby's layouts for the Hulk story

Favorite Panel:

Even a Hulk needs his rest

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